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C-moon is the second stand Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's bizarre adventure: stone ocean, obtains on his path towards heaven

as for the stands appearance, it is a humanoid stand that has bright red eyes, a skeleton-like face and body with green shoulder pads, face, belt, and shoes, with almost everything else being gray. under the face, shoulder pads and belt, it has the same pattern whitesnake has, dark gray strips with the abbreviation for Guanine/Δdenine/Cytosine/Thymine or GΔCT.


Input what it does damage
E C-Moon throws out a barrage of punches each doing good damage 4 dmg each punch
R C-Moon throws out a hard kick, ragdolling the enemy 37.5 dmg
T C-Moon punches you with both fists which does little damage on contact but does good damage after 10 dmg on contact then 25.5
Y C-Moon throws out a hard hit and on contact does little damage but after does alot of damage 10 dmg on contact, then 31 dmg
F C-Moon throws out a punch and on contact does little damage but after the punch the enemy is lifted into the air and is open for free hits 10 dmg on contact then 0.5 damage constantly
H C-Moon hits the ground and launches a bunch of stones at the enemy 8 dmg for each stone
V the user throws a concoction onto the enemy and the enemy explodes, dealing good damage and is lit on fire after the explosion 30 dmg on explosion

then 0.5 dmg while on fire

B C-Moon is put in remote mode, where the user controls C-Moon as he walks around without his user and any damage taken by C-Moon is reflected onto the user 0 dmg
V (in remote mode) C-Moon hits the ground, which sends everyone in the radius into the air for a free hit 0 dmg