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Metallica was the stand of Risotto Nero, a minor antagonist in JoJo's bizarre adventure:vento aureo, and the leader in la Squadra

in-game, Metallica has no appearance, but in the anime/manga it look like the portrait The Scream by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch


Input what it does how much damage it does
Q you select the person that your cursoris hovering over, but that person has to be in your range 0 dmg
E using Metallica, you create razor blades using the iron inside the targets body forcing the target to cough them up
R using Metallica, you create pins inside the targets face
T using Metallica , you create a pair of scissors in the targets throat
F using Metallica, you create Scalpels around the target that the target can dodge
V using Metallica, you make yourself clear but the more you attack, the less clear get, until you are back to your original status

Note: while you are hard to spot players can still see you

0 dmg
B shows the range you can target players and attack targeted players from

note: no one but you can see this circle

0 dmg